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We brought you the Trolley Wipe. When the coronavirus hit our shores, Saniwipes were already in retail stores. Putting hygiene into the hands of the people. Proud local manufacturer of pre-saturated wipes, sanitisers, cloths, dispensers and consumables. Supplied to the retail, industrial, medical, hospitality and service sectors.

Sani-touch_The Power to Protect

Look out for the new 100% recyclable green Saniwipe, by throwing this wipe away in the bin provided in store, you are ensuring these wipes get recycled and re-purposed into many useful items.


Hand & Surface Sanitisers, Dispensers & Consumables


Cleaning Cloths and floor cloths


Chlorine Tabs, Ozonators & Specialised Items


Stands and Brackets

Pre-Saturated Wipes

Sani-touch offers affordable, high-quality, hand & surface wipes.
Since pioneering the introduction of the trolley wipe in supermarkets and the toilet seat wipe in public washrooms, Sani-touch has expanded its range of wipes to meet the needs of customers in hospitals, businesses and schools.

  • The Sani-touch brand is the leading pre-saturated bulk wipe manufacture in South Africa, producing a wide range of detergent disinfectant, sanitising and cleaning wipes.
  • “Wet Wipes win hands down in the fight against the Covid – 19 virus.”
    (to quote – germ expert Prof Gerber)
  • Not all wet wipes are created equal. Fluids and wipe substrates differ according to the intended use of each product.

Our range of wipes include:

  • Sani-safe high alcohol wipes.
  • Saniwipes (Environmentally friendly trolley, hand & general surface wipes)
  • Peace-of-Mind (Alcohol free trolley, hand & surface wipes)
  • Freshands (Large hand wipes)
  • Steriwipes (Alcohol free biodegradable wipes for biometrics, breathalysers, and other uses)
  • Nandi’s Wipes (Gentle baby wipes)
  • Caterwipes (Food approved wipes for food production)
  • Medi-wipes (High alcohol, medical quality wipes)
  • Ecowipes (All purpose, environmentally friendly wipes) used for toilet seats and small surfaces.
  • The Medi-touch hospital range of wipes, including multi-use sporicidial, Chlorine, and patient wash wipes.
  • Braai Lappies
  • Individual sachets for medical and consumer use.
Mediwipes 600

Medical wipes including high alcohol.

High alcohol wipes contain 80% ethanol, SABS 490, SABS 1853, EN14476. The Medi-touch range ensures maximum hygiene 1st clean 2nd Sanitise uses a detergent wipe, quickly followed with a disinfectant wipe.

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Peace of Mind

Detergent disinfectant wipes.

General use wipes that include soap, and a disinfectant; QAC and Alcohol, SABS SANS 53727, EN13727, EN14476 (Efficacy against the coronavirus) A full range of disfferent sizes and packaging options to suit every pocket and every need.

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Alcohol Free Detergent Disinfectant Group

Alcohol free wipes.

Containing PHMB and detergent, antimicrobial with EN 14476 test approval against the coronavirus. Biodegradable or Recyclable for medical equipment and other alcohol sensitive surfaces.

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General wipes

Other useful wipes, smaller packs and sachets.

Lekker Braai wipes, CaterwipesFreshands, Ecowipes, Nandi’s baby wipes. Individual sachets, small refill packs for dispensers. We have wipes for  all your needs.

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Hand & Surface Sanitisers, Dispensers & Consumables.

Sanispray group incl 1 L
  • Sani-touch Medigiene and Sanispray hold the SABS 490 and SABS 1853 Mark, (from 2013) as well as EN 14476.
  • Sanispray provides quick effective hand and surface sanitising approved and registered with the NRCS.
  • These scientific formula sanitisers are trusted and used by the medical industry.
  • Medigiene gel provides lasting protection, whilst leaving hands feeling soft and smooth. 
  • Sanisoap medical quality antiseptic hand and body wash contains 4% chlorhexidine and 4%Isopropanol. 
  • Locally made Touchless & manual dispensers, with sealled cartridges for soaps and sanitisers. Foam, liquid or spray.
Hand and Surface Sanitisers

Hand and surface sanitisers, & medical soap.

Sanispray and Medigiene scientifically formulated 80% Alcohol sanitisers,  SABS 490 & 1853, EN14476

Sanisoap 4% Chx – trusted and used for many years by healthcare professionals.

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Regal Manual Dispenser with 700ml Consumables

Wall dispensers (manual or touchless) for soaps , sanitisers etc

Locally made dispensers for soaps,  sanitisers, lotions (foam, liquid or spray). with silver-ion – safer to touch technology.

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Hygienic Cleaning Cloths

Saniwipes Stand

Sani-touch has a wide range of cleaning cloths, from Zonki colour coded picture cloths, for daily use, to multi- purpose shift cloths, jumbo rolls and disposable floor cloths.

Multi-purpose Cleaning Cloths_

Multi-purpose Cleaning cloths with Dispenser

Smooth low linting very absorbent.  woodpulp blend cloth for use in medical facilities and food preparation areas.
Dispensers available increasing hygiene and controling usage.

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Zonki Colour Coded Cloths

Zonki colour coded printed cloths,  and jumbo rolls.

Zonki colour cloths – use for a day and throw away, Low linting high absorbent multi use cloths. For HACCP food prep, medical facilities and hospitality and general cleaning use. Colour coded and printed.

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Oil & Dry Floor Cloths_

Disposable Floor Cloths

Oil impregnated dust cloths, and disposable dry floor sleeves.

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Infection Protection Specialised Products

Saniwipes Stand
  • Infection Protection Care Packs contain everything you need to keep a patient safe and protected against germs and bacteria.
  • Covid Cleaning and Sanitising Kit. A cleaning and disinfection cleaning solution for offices, classrooms, restaurants and home use.
  • Actirite  Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets With or without Detergant.
  • Actirite  tabs come in 4 varients , for use in medical, food prep and for general disinfection.
General Cleaning

Specialised Items

Actirite Chlorine Effervecent Tablets (NaDcc) a powerful disinfectant, recomended by the CDC and W.H.O in the fight against Covid-19.

Ozonators a highly sophisticated unit that produces Ozone,  an internationally used oxidant for the neutralisation of bacteria, viruses, odours, bad tastes, pollen and tobacco smoke, moulds, mildew, mite faeces and chemicals in the air we breathe.

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Floor stands and wall brackets for wipes and Sanitisers.

wipes and sanitisers

Sani-touch has supplied retailers with many different stands over the years. The range of stands is bigger than ever. Designed for wipe dispenser size and specific for customers where required.

Contact us directly for your wipe stand requirements.
(011) 791 4860


Wall Brackets

Galvanised / powder coated wire brackets to fit various container sizes, Buckets and bottles.

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Stands and Brackets_

Wipe Stands, and Sanitiser foot dispensers.

Sani-touch stands have evolved over the years. Taylor made for Sani-touch product. Various options are available.

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For all product not available on the shop please contact us at sanitouch@sanitouch.co.za or (011) 791 4860.